Filipescu Visa is a proud supporter of non-profit organizations and initiatives focused on cultural events and social engagement for private sector business leaders

SoNoRo Festival

SoNoRo International Chamber music Festival takes place annually in Bucharest, Cluj Napoca and Iasi. From Ateneul Român to St Joseph Cathedral or Bragadiru Palace, SoNoRo provides spectacular concerts, sometimes in unxpected venues, but always with a story behind. SoNoRo has a rich repertoir from the big classics to jazz and musical experiments, all designed with elegance and warmth.

Romanian Business Leaders

Romanian Business Leaders Foundation is an apolitical, non-profit and non-governmental organization set up in July 2011. Its objective is to set up a platform for social implication for private sector business leaders. The ultimate goal is to make Romania a better country for responsible businesses and thus for all Romanians. The foundation has chosen as symbol, three draconi (ancient dacian flags), suggesting strong roots, individual capacity and force of the group - larger than the sum of individual forces.