About us

Filipescu Vişa Financial Advisors was founded in order to provide independent advice and solutions in the area of corporate finance, especially in the context of a transformational change in the shareholding and financing structure of a company, such as an M&A process, financing for growth, refinancing or reshaping the debt structure.

We aim to serve a diverse client base, including:

- entrepreneurial businesses seeking to accelerate their expansion in Romania or expand abroad
- majority shareholders looking for partners or considering long term strategy for their business
- large corporations investing in Romania, or divesting their subsidiaries here
- private equity houses that seek support in acquiring local high growth businesses, or in exiting their investments;

After an experience of over 15 years each, of which 12 years working together, Ioana Filipescu and Florin Vişa have decided to found Filipescu Visa and cummulate their individual abilities and experiences in order to build a reference advisory boutique for the Romanian market.

Our values are excellence, independence and client satisfaction.

Excellence in our services is our primary objective. Filipescu Vişa provides the same level of service as top global consultants, adding to that specific components of the Romanian market. We include senior professionals in all our engagements, actively involving with our clients, developing ideas, providing sound judgment and leading the transaction or project.

Independence is often the main selection criteria of a consultant in a consulting relation which is most of the times non-repetitive, within a unique transaction context and aiming to maximize results.
Filipescu Vişa is not affiliated to any banking group or larger consultancy group and follows a strict policy to avoid any conflict of interest real or perceived.

Client satisfaction is expressed by a successful closing of the transaction or project we have contributed to. The business model for Filipescu Vişa is to build on the reputation and renown gained from our clients. Our clients appreciate our hands-on approach as well as our commitment to their cause.